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USP Labs

March 2, 2013

Jack 3D is one of the well-known USP labs product. It has earned a big name among the top pre-work-out

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drinks available in the market these days. It is completely different from the normal pre-workout drinks you might have experienced. Jack 3D contains absolutely no stimulants and loads of caffeine. It is an excellent scientifically formulated pre-workout product that brings for you the optimal blend of powerful ingredients.


USP labs Jack 3D increases your concentrations, stamina and gives a boost to your overall energy levels. It tastes great and easily mixes with the water. Jack 3D is formulated with the perfect pre-workout ingredients. It consists of a potent mixture of Nitric Oxide ingredients. ENOS super performance system is also present which consists of L-citrulline, arginine as well as grape seed extract.


Jack 3D is loaded with an effective CNS stimulant system consisting of HCL and caffeine to increase your energy levels and concentration throughout the gym training. One scoop of jack 3D must be consumed before 30 to 45 minutes of gym training or intense exercise for health individuals over 18.


USB Labs offers another excellent mixture of natural testosterone boosters. It is a scientifically tested blend of best ingredients that provide you with plenty of energy all the time. Test Powder helps you to unleash your genetic potential by improving your strength and giving an increase in your confidence. It unleashes your alpha make and provides with a healthy boost of testosterone. Test Powder is capable of bringing the results you desire for your body.


The recommended dose for health individuals (over 18) is to consume two scoops of Test Powder on a regular basis for a 4 weeks cycle. The health-care practitioner must be consulted if there is to be consumption of other supplement along with Test Powder.





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